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How can you tell if the SEO Expert you’re considering is even legit? It’s unfortunate that a large amount of companies that contact us have a story of paying money to a shady SEO Company or some kind of Internet Marketing Consultant and not getting the results that were promised.  We’re not talking about chump change, either – we’re talking serious cash that didn’t put a dime back in their pocket.

The Search Engine Optimization industry is much like a de-regulated construction industry.  You could be dealing with a true expert (like you would be if you hired a licensed contractor) or you could be dealing with a total amateur that merely talks a good game (like a shady, unskilled laborer).  I’ll be honest, it isn’t just Internet Marketing, companies like the Yellow Pages still charge HUGE sums of money to list you in a book that very few people read (except for solicitors).

A lot of companies come to us thinking what they want is an SEO Expert, when in fact, what they need is a strategy for sales.  It’s funny how many people we see brag about how they paid some “SEO Guy” to get them within the top 5 results on Google, only to find out later that all the money they spent was wasted on a term that nobody actually searches for.

Any good SEO Expert will tell you this truth: SEO is simply a tactic, not a solution.  At MosierData, we are different in that we only see SEO as one of the tools in our arsenal to get traffic.  But once you have that traffic, then what?  Where most SEO firms simply say “Well, that’s your problem now,” we actually take the time to go over your analytics, figure out why people are or are not taking action (calling you, filling out inquiries, buying things, etc.)  then make some tweaks and repeat the cycle until you start seeing the REAL result you are looking for.

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Traffic Analysis

We carefully evaluate your site’s visitor logs and pull key metrics about what they do, how long they stay and where they came from.

Strategic Planning

We use the information that we gain from analytics and develop a strategic plan to improve traffic to your site. This may include a combination of organic, paid and social media campaigns.

Conversion Optimization

What good is having more traffic if visitors don’t convert? We use your analytics data to figure out what’s hurting you – then run tests and tweaks until it improves.